Food Photography Basics – How on earth do I use two hands?

When attempting to photograph an action shot while completing a task with both hands, how do you capture the shot? It’s a concept that I just cannot figure out. I have a tripod and I also have a remote shutter release but I can’t figure out how to………. Continue reading


Food blogging is not for the faint of heart

Food blogging is challenging to say the least. The internet is saturated with competent food bloggers and it’s not easy to compete. I have no intention of competing with them but I do want to blog. It takes a lot of work and food blogging is definitely not for the faint of heart….baking, taking good pictures… Continue reading

Cookie Decorating Supplies

Cookies decorating supplies….Baking a batch of cookies takes little more than a cookie sheet and a cooling rack. But cut-out cookies require a little more. Essential tools and the oh-so-nice-to-have tools for making cookie dough and baking the cookies….. Continue reading