There’s nothing cuter than a first birthday!

Totally off course here, but I have to share these. Little Elliott Jr. just turned one. Hard to believe that a year has already gone by, and that he’s about to become a big brother already. We just celebrated his first birthday. The theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirates – a show he is … Continue reading


How to Freeze Cookies

Do you know how to freeze cookies or how to freeze cookie dough.,,,,freeze baked or unbaked cookies or freeze a disk of cookie dough….need to keep the air out and other odors out. You can have fresh baked goodies on hand at all times if you freeze the cookies properly. Use a hard-sided airtight container or you can use zipper lock…..freeze other baked goods as well…wrap tightly and press… Continue reading

How to Make Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

How to make cut-out sugar cookies. This is a great recipe, and I’ve included metric measurements for all of the ingredients. Step-by-step process for making the dough and baking the…..Buttery and delicious sugar cookies are the key to great decorated cookies. Without a good sugar cookie recipe, the….. Continue reading