There’s nothing cuter than a first birthday!

Totally off course here, but I have to share these.

Little Elliott Jr. just turned one. Hard to believe that a year has already gone by, and that he’s about to become a big brother already.

We just celebrated his first birthday. The theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirates – a show he is mesmerized by and truly believes he is a character in.

He had his own little “smash” cake – made for the sole purpose of him smashing his little hands and face into. A mess to say the least, but just too damn cute.

While 20 adults and countless children sang to him, he looked at all of us as if we’d lost our minds. He couldn’t begin to comprehend what the excitement was about. If looks could kill.

Can't get ove the singing

He was encouraged by all to dig in but couldn’t get the concept and was none too pleased about getting his chubby little fingers dirty at first. A little hesitant

With grandpa Sal at his side egging him on, he starts to realize this gig is not all that bad.

Grandpa eggs him on

Shortly before that shot was taken he had swatted grandpa right in the nose because he got so excited.You can see some of the blue on Sal’s nose. Hilarious to say the least. Sal hates being dirty even more than the baby does, but little EJ has a free reign.

Once he got a few good mouthfuls of sweet icing and cake there was no stopping him and all bets were off.

All hell breaks looseIn less than 15 minutes he needed a good scrubbing in the bathtub, the high chair required a complete hose down, and the clothes are still soaking in Oxi Clean.

Time for a bath

Fat and happy, he was very pleased with himself indeed!

A complete and utter mess, but a lot of laughs. And believe it or not he wasn’t bouncing off the walls with all the sugar. He slept through the night with dreams of red, white, and blue sugar globs dancing all around him.

Happy 1st Birthday EJ! We love you sooo much!


7 thoughts on “There’s nothing cuter than a first birthday!

  1. How cute is that adorable Elliot!!! When we had the first birthday for the triplets, two of them loved the cake thing, but William was absolutely horrified with the icing on his hand. He is the neatest of the three seventeen years later.
    Continue to love all of your postings and the photography gets better and better. You are doing a superb job. Mom would have been proud and know that Brendan is.

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