First Holy Communion Cross Cookies

These are some of my favorite cookies I’ve made and decorated to date.

I wanted to share these First Holy Communion cross cookies that I made for the daughter of a very good friend, Roxanna.

communion cross cookies

Although they’re simply decorated, I actually like that about them. Most of them are white-on-white and I think there’s a certain elegance to that.

These crosses are such a cute way to commemorate a First Holy Communion, but they would also make adorable baptismal favors or even little homemade treats for an Easter basket.

Communion cross cookies

There are no photos here of the decorating process.

I actually made them right before I started my blog, when I still had no idea how to use my new camera, and I had so much fun making these cross cookies that they actually inspired me to want to learn so much more about cookie decorating (and photographing food). They played a big part in finally starting to blog about the learning experiences.

White on white cross cookie

Basically, I just outlined and flooded each cross, let them dry for a few hours, and then started adding decorative touches to each one.

In all I made four dozen cookies for Paloma’s classmates and each cookie is decorated differently.

Cross cookie3

I put little crosses on some, dots and swirly lines on others, and curly-Q’s on yet others. I was just having fun.

communion cookies4

At Paloma’s request I added a few touches of mint green on some of them: It’s one of her favorite colors and the color she had chosen as the accent color for her big day. A pretty combination.

They were all individually wrapped and tied with a coordinating ribbon.

baptism cookies

I will always remember these cross cookies as one of my first “successes” in cookie decorating.

Congratulations again Paloma!


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