Golf Bag Cookies

Golf is one of those sports you either love or you don’t. Personally I’m a fan. My parents’ house sits above the tee box on a beautiful golf course, my father and Sal are golfers and follow all the big tournaments, and most of our family has tried their hand at golf to some degree. Including me.

So I decided to make golf bag cookies today as a sort of tribute to the sport.

I’ve got a snazzy golf bag , gorgeous golf shoes to go with the most fashionable golf attire, a set of custom-made clubs lefty clubs Sal had made for me. When I’m out on the course I look like I’m someone to be reckoned with.

But I am no golfer.

A few golf bag cookies

No matter how many times I tee up I never seem to improve. Never. I don’t putt any better on the 18th hole than I did on the 1st hole, I never come even remotely close to parring a hole, and there have been times I’ve just given up on a hole, embarrassed that my score on that particular hole has already reached the 2-digit mark.

I probably have the same handicap today as I did when I was 16 years old, and that was, well, a few years ago.Sal even makes me golf with electric pink and electric orange golf balls so they are identifiable in among the leaves and pine needles.

But I made golf bag cookies anyway. After all, I am a fan and maybe I secretly hope it will help me become a better golfer.

I know how to putt, chip and get out of a bunker. But knowing HOW to and actually being able to perform when needed are two entirely different animals. My golf skills are just horrendous. I prefer driving around in the cart, and cheering everyone else on and Sal thinks that’s ridiculous.

But, in the name of the sport, I went ahead and made a few golf bag cookies today.

Three of my golf bag cookies

I’m not particularly thrilled with them but I learned a few things making them and that’s what’s more important to me.

As far as I can tell, they are identifiable as golf bags, so I’m happy about that. And it’s not that I think they’re horrible: They’re just not as cute and adorable as I had hoped they’d be.

I’m OK with that.

I did get to practice making a few flat lines and dots on a few of the golf bags; much-needed practice I might add.

So this is how I tried my hand at golf bag cookies:

The Americolor gel pastes below are what I used.

Americolor gel pastes

I outlined a few of the cookies, using a #2 tip, including the strap, a big side pocket, and the bottom of the golf bag.

Outline the golf bag cookies

One of the cookies I outlined and then immediately flooded. I wanted to see which way I liked best.

Golf bag cookies outlined

It turned out that I preferred the bags where I outlined more of the details before doing any of the flooding. The pink cookie looked too plain in the end.

I let the other cookies dry for 30 minutes and then I started flooding different areas of the bags. This is where I learned that using squeeze bottles for flood icing to fill in tiny areas is tricky because the tip opening on the bottle is about the equivalent of a #3 tip. It’s hard to get into the small areas.

Flooding the golf bag cookies

That little white line on the bottom of the blue golf bag above was too narrow to flood using the squeeze bottle. I ended up piping it with the stiffer icing. That, in turn, made it harder to smooth out because it didn’t flow like the flood icing does.

Lesson learned. Next time I need to flood small detailed areas I would use a pastry bag with a small tip for my flood icing.

I finished flooding in all the bags, changing up the colors.

Flooded golf bag cookies

And I added a few flat dots and flat lines on the cookies.

I added a few flat dots and lines

And then I added a few more details and piped the golf clubs on each bag.

I added the clubs to my golf bag cookies

Some of the golf bag cookies

And that’s it. Not real difficult to be honest.

Golf bag cookies

So, in the end, I don’t know if I did the sport of golf any justice with my golf bag cookies today, and I hold no hope that the PGA or LPGA will be contacting me any time soon for logo cookies, but the things I learned making them are invaluable to me on my journey to become a cookie decorator. And I had fun.

That’s what counts.


8 thoughts on “Golf Bag Cookies

    • I think you should. I’m sure Sal can rustle up some flourescent golf balls for you too. Or, we can just drive around and entertain him and Tom in the cart while they golf.

    • Thank you Sarah. Believe me, if I can make them, you can too. Each time I make cookies I learn something new that I could do better the next time. Just go for it! And have fun. Your dad would probably be thrilled if you made him some.

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