I love butterflies and have always wanted to make butterfly cookies. Yet, they have intimidated me to no end, for no particular reason. Butterflies just seemed very complicated: Way above my level of cookie decorating. Well I finally made butterfly cookies….the marbling technique on the wings and….the butterflies all…..flat dots and flat lines along both sides. Continue reading


Marbling with Royal Icing

I’m enamored with marbled cookies and just amazed at the creative ways that the marblng technique can be use with royal icing. Simple marbling requires just two colors of wet on wet icing. I decided to dip my feet into it and try a simple marbling technique. Marbling is a variation of wet-on-wet royal icing, taken to a new level. You swirl the icing to create all types of striking effects. Using even a simple marbling technique allows you to transform a simply decorated….use two, three, or more colors of royal icing and…you’re marbling royal icing… Continue reading