DIY Plant Watering Globes

Nothing at all to do with cookies here but I’m trying to figure out how to stop killing the plants in and around my house.

Have you ever used those glass plant bulbs to water plants? I see them in the stores all the time and never really paid much attention to them.

Now that I’d like to buy a few, of course, I can’t find them anywhere. They’re great to keep in the plants if you’re anything like me and have a “brown” thumb. My plants die because I either over water or underwater them. A master gardener I will never be!.

Anyway, I was looking to buy some online and came across this DIY solution – wine bottles, beer bottles and water bottles.

How very cool!

But even this I seem to have screwed up. I tried it yesterday for the first time. Wedged the bottle into a plant so the neck was fully submerged in the soil.

This morning the bottle is empty already. Jeez, it’s just a small plant! OK, so maybe the plant was too dry and NEEDED all that water. So I tried it again this morning – watered the plant and then stuck the bottle, full of water, into the soil.

Well that was an hour ago and the bottle is empty.

What in the world am I doing wrong? It’s probably a good thing I’m trying to learn cookie decorating and food photography, and not opening a garden shop. I’d be broke in no time!

Any ideas aside from discarding all the plants in my house?


4 thoughts on “DIY Plant Watering Globes

    • Yes, and I’ve looked everywhere for them but every store has told me they “sell out immediately”. I just love the DIY idea with bottles, especially when we go away

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