Medical Themed Cookies – Get Well Soon

My brother-in-law, Artie, spent a little over a month in the hospital recently. Nobody expected the long stay but a month-and-a-day, and two major surgeries later, he was finally released.

As soon as he was admitted my mind started whirling trying to think of some cute medical themed cookies I could make: Not for him, but for my nieces and nephew who tried their best to go about their daily lives even though their home life was in a bit of an upheaval. Dad was unexpectedly out of commission and mom (my sister Kerry) was driving endless hours between the hospital and home, football and lacrosse games, pickups and drop-offs at their various schools and so forth.

This was the perfect opportunity to use the medical themed cookie cutters that have been sitting in one of my bins; scrubs, a syringe and band-aids.

My first medical themed cookies

Well, Artie’s been out of the hospital for a few weeks already and is on the road to recovery.Not only did Aunt Colleen not send cookies during the hospital stay, but they were never even baked and decorated! I am one who subscribes to the fact that there are not enough hours in the day, or the week, or the month, or…..

I swear, I do not know where the time goes.

Bad aunt, I know.

I feel terrible that it took so long to make them but at least now the cookies are baked and decorated, and they’ve been shipped up north to Boston. Better late than never.

Okay, so this is how I made my very first medical themed cookies.

I used all Americolor gel pastes to tint my royal icing:

colors I used for medical themed cookies

I started by outlining and flooding the scrubs, color-coordinating tops and bottoms.

outlining and flooding my scrubs cookies

That part was simple, even for me.

I let them dry for a few hours and added little pockets and a neckline. You may notice that I also added a unique design right in the middle of the green scrub top. That was not intentional but rather the result of my finger jabbing the cookie as it was drying. Sometimes I do the stupidest things.

And you see the little white contraption sticking out of the blue pocket? Yup, that’s covering up another screw up. At least that one I was able to cover though. The green top wasn’t so easy to tidy up so I just left it as is.

Details added to the scrubs

I added little stethoscopes too. I really didn’t know what I was doing here so they each look a bit different. I was trying to figure out which way looked the best, or the most authentic, but still haven’t figured that out. They’re good enough though.

stethoscopes on the scrub cookies

When the scrub pants were dry I added little pull strings to them. The cuffs on the bottom of the green scrubs are my way of trying to hide the bottom legs of the scrub pants which didn’t look so hot.

So I made cuffs on the fly.

I do things my own way.

scrub pants

And now I had coordinating sets of scrubs.

scrubs cookies

While the scrubs were drying I started outlining and flooding the band-aid cookies using the same color scheme.

I’d like to point out here that these are the biggest band-aids I have ever seen. I had no idea the cutter was that big when I ordered my set of medical themed cookie cutters. Jeez – they are bigger than the pants legs on the scrubs! Cute though.

outlining and flooding the bandaid cookies

As I was adding detail to the scrubs I allowed the band-aids to dry and then added another layer to make that cushioned middle section. Is there even a name for that part of the band-aid? I call it the cushioned middle section for lack of a better term.

adding a layer to the band aid cookies

Now I let them dry over night to be sure they were completely dry.

Once they were, I added little dots on both sides – not the most pleasant decorating task I might add. After the first band-aid it became a bit tedious but I plowed along until they were completed, thankful I had chosen to make only three of these cookies.

band aid cookies

The last type of medical themed cookies I made were the syringes, which were the most difficult for me.

I started with the white part of the syringe and then let that dry for 2 hours.

starting the syringe cookies

Since I wanted to add red “blood” to the syringes I let the white base dry completely first. If I had added the red icing while the white icing was still wet I would have run the risk of the red bleeding into the white.

adding "blood" to the syringe cookie

And then I outlined and flooded the plunger and top of the syringe in black, and added the little piece just above the needle. The needle itself I did in grey. Again, I let the cookies dry completely before adding some lines on the syringe itself and then attempted to write on the cookies.

This was, by far, the most difficult part for me. My handwriting is average at best, and that’s when utilizing a pen and paper. It’s gone downhill over the years, no doubt from a lack of writing and an abundance of computer typing. I know I’m not alone here.

Writing on paper is hard enough – attempting it with a bag of icing is that much more difficult. Not only are the numbers a little sloppy here but they’re too big and I know now that I should have switched tips and used my PME #0 tip but that’s in hindsight.

syringe cookies

After the cookies dried overnight under my trusty mesh tents (LOVE those tents!) I put them in individual clear bags and tied a small ribbon around each.

Medical themed cookies

Then I carefully wrapped them in bubble wrap and off they went to Boston. I’ll show you how I wrap and ship cookies next.

Hopefully the Post Office will be gentle with them and they will arrive in one piece. It’s always somewhat of a gamble.


12 thoughts on “Medical Themed Cookies – Get Well Soon

  1. We loved the cookies – thanks!! And by “we”, I mean the kids, who devoured them all within minutes of their arrival!

    • I am so glad they liked them, and thrilled that they arrived in one piece! I’m planning lacrosse and hockey cookies but that will be in the future when I feel a bit more confident in my skills!

    • Emma, I think you should. It is so much fun. And the beauty of decorating cookies is that nobody usually cares if they have a few flaws. They’re still delicious.

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