Baby Boy Cookies

I made baby boy cookies to welcome our newest little grandson, Adrian Alexander Garcia, into the world. He made his début this morning weighing in at  7 pounds, 14 ounces.

Baby boy cookies

He’s as cute as a button and healthy as can be. I wasn’t sure what kind of cookies to make so I decided that I would make baby boy faces.

baby boy face cookies

All the cookies are decorated just a bit differently. Each has a little cap on his head and a little pacifier, or “binky”, in his mouth. And each baby boy even has eye lashes which proved to be a bit of a feat.

Adrian’s got a lot of mixed blood in him – American, Dominican, Puerto Rican, American Indian, and even the slightest hint of Italian from his grandpa Sal. So I decorated the cookies with an olive skin color – or at least as best I could. I think it came out a bit more tan to be honest.

This is how I made the baby boy cookies:

I used a round cookie cutter and only four colors: Wilton Cornflower Blue and Copper (light skin tone), which is slightly different than Wilton’s Copper, Americolor Chocolate Brown and Lemon Yellow.

The colors I used to make baby boy cookies

I mixed some of the Copper into white icing and then added just a drop of the chocolate brown to get a slightly darker skin tone.

I also used some really small PME tips on these cookies – #”0″ and # “00”. They’re available at Karen’s Cookies.

I’m in LOVE with the PME tips! I don’t have many of them because, well to be honest, they’re not cheap, but they’re great. They don’t seem to tarnish or rust like my Wilton tips do and I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not but the icing never seems to clog with these tips. LOVE them!

The PME tips are writing tips that allow you to make eensy weensy fine lines when you need to.

PME decorating tips 0 and 00

Here they are lined up in order so you get an idea how tiny the opening is. Tip # “00” is on the far left, then # “0”, and then tips 1, 2 and 3.

Tip #3 looks huge in comparison but it’s really not big at all.

Tips 00 through 3

So to begin, I outlined and flooded slightly more than half the cookie using my tan/olive icing for the baby boy faces. I let those dry for about two hours before adding anything else to the cookies.

Outline and flood the faces of the baby boy cookies

Then I outlined and flooded the baby’s caps using the light blue icing.

Outline and flood the baby's cap

And on two of the caps I added some flat dots on the wet flood icing.

I made flat dots on two of the caps

I decided I would make three of the baby boys sleeping and two of them awake so I used my little PME tips here to draw the eyes and eye lashes on the first three.

Adding eyes and eye lashes

I realized later that I should have added the eyelashes to the other two before adding their little eyes. It was more difficult to add them after the fact. Now I know for the next time.

I drew little noses and gave each baby boy a pacifier.

I added noses and pacifiers

And then gave the other two eyes by putting a little dot of black on the white icing while it was still wet. For some reason though, they never sank in and I think it’s because I used my stiffer black icing and not the black flood icing. This is the second time that I found the tip of the squeeze bottle to be a little bigger than I needed and a bit of an issue. I just love the squeeze bottles but when I need a real small dot or line it’s hard to do. Maybe it’s just me. I have to start investigating how everyone else accomplishes it.

These two poor little guys ended up looking scared to death with their bulging pupils, but they’re cute anyway.

Adding eyes to the baby boy cookies

Each of them got a nose and then eyelashes. This is when I realized the eyelashes should have been done first.

eyelashes and noses

And of course each little boy got a slightly different pacifier – his own little binky!

all slightly different

I let all the cookies dry overnight, and then I started adding details to the caps.

Baby boy cookies

Although Adrian won’t get to enjoy his cookies, I have plenty more in mind for both him and little Elliott once they’re able to indulge.


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