The Facebook Page

If you’ve followed my blog here, you already realize that I am trying to learn so many things at once: Cookie decorating and photography are at the top of the list.

But I’m also learning to blog. Yes, there’s a lot to learn believe it or not and it’s a bit overwhelming at times. I mean, the blogging world is just amazing, but not a simple one.

Then there’s Facebook. Oh Lord, everyone I know has advised, “you have GOT to create a Facebook page”. That’s all well and good. I readily agreed. But in reality I had no idea what they were even talking about.

I’ve had, what I erroneously thought was a Facebook page, for a few years now. Come to find out that’s an Account.

Oh, I have an Account – NOT a Page. Who knew!

So now I started a Facebook page for Royal Icing Diaries. If you haven’t seen it, feel free to look at it and give some feedback because I will be perfectly honest here – I don’t really know what I’m supposed to DO with a Facebook page for a blog. I’m winging it so to speak.

My posts go directly to the page which is great. After that, I’m a little lost. I know that there is a “widget” (another term I’ve recently become acquainted with), that will put a “follow this blog on Facebook” button on my blog. I have no idea how to do that yet. So in the meantime, I invite you to look at the page and “Like” it for me.


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