Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Nothing shouts summer quite like a big scoop of ice cream and the unrelenting temperatures in Florida provided great inspiration to beat the heat: Ice cream cone cookies.

When I set out to learn cookie decorating and photography, it was a given that things weren’t always going to go my way. I knew I’d have days that would nurture my cookie decorating spirit and other days that might be less than gratifying.

The ice cream cone cookies turned out better than I thought they would but overall, today proved to be anything but a walk in the park.

ice cream cone cookies

I decorated ice cream cone cookies a few weeks ago but wasn’t thrilled with the results so I decided I’d give it another go-round.

They look much tastier this time, but that was about the only thing that seemed to go right during this particular cookie decorating session.

To begin, I decided I would use Bridget’s recipe for royal icing, from Bake at 350.

I’ve made it twice before and I followed the recipe to a T so I knew I couldn’t go wrong.

Royal Icing

The plan was to illustrate the process of making the icing and decorating the ice cream cones but that quickly went to hell-in-a-handbag when an afternoon storm blew in and we lost power.

The lights quickly came back on but in no time out they went again. And then it happened a third time. No, this was not fun.

Spend just a few weeks in Florida during the summer and you’ll become familiar with the term, “It’s almost 3:00”. Every day, it seems, the rain starts at 3:00 p.m.. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes, and other days we’re deluged. Almost like clockwork.

Today was no different.

When the power came back on it was still so dark outside that I knew the chances of getting any half-way decent photos was pretty much slim to none so I gave up on the photo session until I had finished mixing the royal icing.

My royal icing came out perfect.

Stiff peaks on the royal icing

Bright sunshine returned as it usually does but my day didn’t exactly go up hill from there. After assembling my supplies I decided vanilla chocolate chunk and strawberry would be the “flavors” for the ice cream cone cookies.

I used the Americolor gel pastes below: Super Black and Super Red, Chocolate Brown, and Electric Pink.

I used a few drops of Electric Pink to make the strawberry ice cream, and then added a drop of Super Red to make “pieces” of strawberries.

Americolor gel paste colors for ice cream cones

icings ready to make ice cream cone cookies

I searched the internet looking for renewed inspiration to make ice cream cones and found a video by Paula, The Vanilla Bean Baker, for some adorable  Chocolate Dipped Cherry Gumball Topped Ice Cream Cone Cookies. I decided to give it a whirl and somewhat emulate her ice cream cone cookies.

All was going well as I outlined and the flooded the cones. I used a #2 tip to do the outlines.

outline the ice cream cone cookies

Flood the ice cream cone cookies

As I drew the crossed lines on the cones I was feeling much more confident than the last time I attempted to make ice cream cone cookies. At least this time they are recognizable.

Adding the lines on the ice cream cone cookies

Once the cones dried I outlined and flooded my strawberry ice cream using a “thicker” flood icing as Paula said she had. No piping bag made things a lot easier.

But, this is where my problems started again. Not with the cookies themselves, but with my renowned photography skills.

Just a month or so ago I truly had no idea how to take photos while at the same time, using the only two hands I have, to decorate cookies. I was completely ignorant of the fact that a timer existed for my camera.

After receiving a number of emails (thank you to everyone who came to my rescue) I bought a Satechi Remote Timer. I figured out how to use it and I was in seventh heaven. Now I can decorate to my heart’s content as the camera snaps away.

Or so I thought.

At some point I guess I must have knocked into the tripod without realizing it, and moved it ever so slightly. Unaware, I continued decorating my ice cream cone cookies.

With all the pictures uploaded to the laptop I set out to pick which ones I’d use for this post. To my chagrin every one of them was blurry from the point where I started to add the ice cream to the cones.


You can’t help but notice that beginning with the picture below.

Adding strawberry ice cream to the ice cream cones

I had worked really hard on these cookies and there was no way I was starting over.

I decided to post them anyway since this blog is all about learning and I learned a BIG lesson today: From here on in I know to check the camera every so often to make sure everything is in focus.

I’m telling you, sometimes I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back with this whole photography gig!

Adding strawberries to the ice cream cone cookies

Anyway, once the strawberry ice cream dried for two hours I added little pieces of strawberries. True, for the most part they just look like blobs, but they’re supposed to be strawberry pieces so the imagination may have to kick in here.

And then I piped and flooded the vanilla ice cream using, again, the thicker flood icing. I just love that whole concept!

Putting vanilla ice cream on the ice cream cone cookies.jpg

I let the vanilla ice cream dry and then added chocolate “chunks” to it.

Some of my ice cream cone cookies

And on a few I added a little chocolate sauce

All in all I guess the day wasn’t a total disaster, but there were moments I admit to being just short of  hyperventilating.

I learned how to make ice cream cone cookies and I learned an important lesson about food photography so my journey continues and all is well.


6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cone Cookies

  1. Who would have thought that the Swedish countryside and Florida have got something in common: power failure due to the weather.
    Unfortunately for me, my cookies usually turn out half-baked after a power failure 😦
    But you really managed to make some yummy-looking cookies. My compliments!

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