Autumn Cookies: Leaves and Acorns

Yet another summer is coming to an end and fall is about to begin. It’s hard to believe.

Not that we really notice much about autumn here in South Florida. There are no brightly colored leaves falling from the trees, or acorns gathering on the ground to give us a heads up that one season has ended and another has begun. The palm fronds look the same in September and October as they did last March and April.

As beaches close for the season up north, and warm sunshine gives way to chilly air in other parts of the country, bathing suits and flip flops, barbecues and days spent at the beach continue on in South Florida without so much as a blink of an eye.

A few leaf and acorn cookies

We’re reminded that summer fun is supposed to come to a halt when the back-to-school supplies are moved to clearance racks to make way for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, ridiculously enough, even Christmas merchandise. Now, sadly, this has started by mid August.

I love and miss the fall I knew as a kid growing up in New York. Trips upstate to go apple picking were a highlight for me, and I couldn’t wait for Columbus Day weekend when the leaves up in the Catskills and the Adirondacks were blindingly bright and colorful. I begged for a chance to drive up there.

leaves and acorn cookies

We knew that Saturday mornings would soon mean raking leaves but we could also break out the bins of sweaters that had been stowed for months. And I still fondly remember how proud I was the day I learned to whistle through the cap of an acorn (yes, I have many talents)!

I’m going up to the Adirondacks for the first time in a few years and I can’t wait to witness the change of season. In the spirit of my much anticipated weekend getaway I made some autumn cookies, beginning with leaves and acorns.

Something about fall cookies made me think of chocolate, so in addition to a big batch of my favorite sugar cookies I also made delicious chocolate cookies using Lilaloa’s recipe for The End-All Chocolate Cookies.

Georgeanne’s recipe is right on the money: One of those no-fail recipes that’s truly hard to beat. I follow it as written but I do add the extra 1/2 cup (62.5 grams) of flour to the recipe because I find it almost impossible to cut out shapes without chilling the dough. And I don’t roll my dough in flour so I need that extra structure when I make these.

A few leaves and acorn cookies

I cut out some leaves and acorns from the sugar cookie dough and others from the chocolate cookie dough. I think I’ll do that with all my cookies this fall because I like the variety.

The acorn cookies I decorated very simply. First, I outlined and flooded the base of the acorns with moss green, chocolate brown and orange, and let them dry completely.

Simple acorn cookies - outline and flood the bottom portion

And then filled in the acorn caps,

Flood the tops of the acorn cookies

Once they dried I used my piping bag to cover the acorn caps with small dots. In this case my royal icing could have been stiffer for sure but they turned out OK: Just sImply decorated.

detail the top of the acorn cookies

Then I made a few different leaves. A couple of them I just flooded and added stems and branches.

Simple decorated cookies - decorated leaves

A few leaves and acorn cookies

And because I’m so enamored with marbling, I just had to marble some of the leaves. The marbling turned out better than the outlining this time. I’m not sure what in the world I did with the outlining but it’s kind of a mess to be honest.

marbling leaves - decorated leaf cookies

marbling the leaves - decorated cookies

Just a few different colored lines that I pulled in every direction with my toothpick.

fall leaves and simple acorn cookies

I can’t wait to see the leaves and just maybe, while nobody’s within earshot, I’ll try my hand at whistling through an acorn cap again.

Fall leaves - decorated cookies

What’s your favorite part of fall?


12 thoughts on “Autumn Cookies: Leaves and Acorns

  1. These are beautiful Colleen!! I am so impressed! I am looking forward to the beauty and crisp weather of fall too… and our weekend in NY! Are you bringing cookies? 🙂

  2. What I like about autumn? Warm days but chilly nights, picking mushrooms and berries, leaves that turn bright yellow and orange. And baking ginger cookies!
    But I’m definitely going to try Lilaloa’s recipe for chocolate cookies including your extra 1/2 cup of flour after reading this post! And I really like the leaves to which you just added stems and branches, so gonna try that too.

    • I’ve never picked mushrooms! How fun!

      Yes, try it with the extra flour. The dough is super soft and I can’t imagine cutting out shapes unless it’s chilled first. Georganne says not to add the flour IF you’re making the cookies right then. I added it since I was going to roll out the dough and then chill it. Let me know how they turn out. The flavor is delicious!

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