Owls and owl cookies

Is it just me, or are owls all the rage these days? This week alone I’ve seen owls on pitchers and napkins, tablecloths, salt & pepper shakers and countless other items. It’s like the invasion of the owls.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, make owl cookies of course.

I had so much fun making these cookies. When I cut the owl shapes I really had no idea what I was doing as far as decorating them so I just created them as I went. I start flooding and then had a field day.

Some owl cookies

And although decorating the owl cookies was a day well-spent, I pulled another lame-brain move photographing those owls. I know, you’re probably not surprised, but wait until you hear this one! Thankfully right from the get-go I let it be known here on the blog that I am a novice.

If you follow Royal Icing Diaries on Facebook, you may remember my little post last week on how I think I may be the worlds worst photographer. I have officially bestowed that honor upon myself.

I had spent the entire day decorating: Owl cookies, a few more leaves and acorns, and even some ghosts and pumpkins. For hours I decorated, my handy remote capturing photo after photo of the owls as they evolved from plain sugar cookies to colorful little creatures.

Owl Cookies

By the time I was finished, I was exhausted. Now it was time to make dinner for Sal and I, and then start the dreaded cookie decorating-cleanup.

The kitchen and my supplies were scrubbed, the first icing layer was drying on my owl cookies and now I could call it a day: Time to shut everything off and go to bed. Tomorrow I’d finish decorating my owls.

That’s when I was stopped in my tracks. I could not believe my eyes.

Oh, for the love of Pete, sitting on top of my laptop was the memory card for my camera.

It had been there all day. I had taken it out of the camera early in the morning to upload some photos.

I could have cried. I hadn’t gotten a single owl picture. Not one of my ghosts or my pumpkins either, and those were all decorated by now.

Oh yes, I am way up there on the list of worst photographers, no doubt.

So, although I had every intention of illustrating how I decorated my owl cookies, layer by layer, it didn’t happen. I could only capture them from the second layer on.

Decorating owl cookies

By then their wings and chests had already been outlined and flooded, and they all had little legs, eyes and a beak.

I’m seriously beginning to think that cookie decorating is MUCH easier than photography. At least in my case.

In any event, my inspiration for the owl cookies came from the protected owls nests that are commonly seen in the parks around here. I spotted these little guys a few weeks ago and although they were not the least bit happy to see me or to pose for pictures, I immediately thought “cookies” when I saw them.

Oh, if looks could kill, huh?

Baby owls in their nest

Did you know owls cannot move their eyes? They have to turn their heads. I think that is bizarre. Imagine if we were like that? Crazy!

These poor guys below would really be up the creek without a paddle I suppose. I made them cross-eyed on purpose to secretly get back at the real owls who gave me the look of death in the park.

Oh yeah, I’ll show them!

Cross-eyed owl cookies

And I wanted to make a sleeping owl so on one of them I closed his eyes, just as I had on the baby boy cookies.

Yes, I know, I should have switched to my tiny PME #0 tip so that his eyelashes didn’t turn out like tarantulas protruding from his forehead, but that’s in hindsight. In the meantime, he can swat flies with those things!

It gives him a little character and I think he’s adorable. This is him before he received a bit more embellishment.

A sleeping owl cookie

So at the end of the day, even though yet again I had a disastrous photography experience, the owls were decorated and eventually got photographed, and I learned another crucial lesson.

Decorated owl cookies

With my owl cookies perched in the tree I could now finally move on to other cookies.

Owl cookies in the tree

I think I am going to try some scarecrows and caramel apple cookies. Both remind me of the fall and I’m on a whole fall kick right now. But first, my pumpkins and ghosts.


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