An 18th birthday: orange and white cookies

Oh to be 18 years old again and have the world at my fingertips.

My orange and white cookies mark that very special birthday for my beautiful, smart, and incredibly ambitious niece, and god-daughter, Mallory. A high school senior focused on life as a college student in the no-so-distant future.

Orange and white birthday cookies

As she celebrates her 18th birthday I doubt very much she’s as concerned with the number as she is with the fact that she’s “finally legal” and ready to take on all that her new-found adulthood has to offer.

I was more than content with that feeling as well at her age. Of course, when I turned 18 I had all the answers. Every one of them – I mean, don’t all 18-year-olds know it all?

I was prepared to solve the world’s problems and there was nothing at all that I didn’t fully comprehend or that anyone could possibly shed light on because uh, hello…I’m 18! I’m not a kid anymore.

And of course, advice from my parents was the LAST thing I needed at that age: After all, what could they POSSIBLY know about being MY age? Sound familiar?

Simple 18th birthday cookies

Oh yes, the beauty of the 18th birthday and the naivety that comes with it. It’s a part of growing up and for some it takes much longer to realize just how little you DID know about life at that age.

When I set out to make Mallory some 18th birthday cookies I knew that I wanted make white cookies with just one accent color. I thought she looked beautiful in her prom dress and decided to use orange as the accent so I made her some orange and white cookies.

The picture below doesn’t do the color of the dress much justice (or Mallory for that matter). The dress was almost a salmon color, which I love. I tried my best to duplicate the color when I made the orange and white cookies and I think I came fairly close.

I used Americolor Orange and then added just a drop of Americolor Tulip Red, their version of a no-taste red.

Mallory at her prom

I used my little black dress cookie cutter to make a couple of dresses and trimmed the sleeves a bit on one of them before baking the cookie.

I wasn’t attempting to replicate the shape of the prom dress but I did want to make her two slightly different dress cookies.

A few girlie birthday cookies

My intention initially was to make all white cookies and use the orange solely as an accent.

I outlined and flooded most of them in white to begin.

Birthday cookies outlined and flooded

And then I added some decorative little touches in white.

But as I continued decorating I found myself playing around with the orange and white.

Some marbled orange and white cookies

And before I knew I had marbled some cookies, used some of the wet-on-wet technique to draw various shapes, and each cookie was completely different.

Very different from the birthday cookies I had made recently for my twin nieces, but all in all they came out OK.

Orange and white heart cookies

A few simple 18th birthday cookies for an adorable young lady.

Some orange and white birthday cookies


As you celebrate this milestone Mallory, I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

And all the things you know right now will guide you towards the things you will no doubt continue to learn. I’m confident you’ll be able to conquer anything and everything you set your mind on.

Happy 18th!


Aunt Colleen


8 thoughts on “An 18th birthday: orange and white cookies

  1. I can’t believe she’s 18 already. Happy Birthday Mallory!

    Love the colors … the dress came out really cute. Time to start selling your creations.

  2. Thank you SO SO SO much for the cookies. As my mom has mentioned, I have such a sweet tooth, and I am obsessed with them, they are so good!! I think they turned out amazing and it was a very special treat to receive for my birthday. They matched my dress color perfectly and it also happens to be my favorite color in general–such a fun coincidence! Thank you again for taking the time to make the cookies, especially with such thought put into them!

    Mal 🙂

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