The re-creation of Royal Icing Diaries – an update

As Royal Icing Diaries undergoes its first major transition I’ve found that keeping up with the world of social media and the blogging-sphere is more than a daunting task. It’s absolutely overwhelming at times, at least for me.

When I started the blog a few short months ago I was able to leisurely bake and decorate and then simply write about the process, post a few photos and then I was off to decorate more cookies. Now I need a playbook to keep everything on track: bake, decorate, photograph, edit photos, post, post on Facebook, pin a few photos on Pinterest, post on Instagram, etc…

Jeez…I’m absolutely exhausted!

Then I got this great idea to recreate the blog. Here I am on top of the world, acting as though I am the last glass of ice water in the desert as I move the blog to give it a new look and feel.

In reality, I’m a wreck over the multitude of little steps it takes to make the move! For the love of Pete I can barely keep it all straight. It’s happening at lightening speed “behind the scenes” here.

I think that will be up and running within the next few days!

Yikes! Am I ready for all this?

I feel a compelling need to share this with my followers: There are bound to be kinks to work out in the beginning and I’m quite certain I will be tweaking the site for weeks to come as I am fairly HTML-clueless.

So with that being said, I am not above begging for your patience and understanding!

I look forward to the changes and of course I hope you like them…

Cross your fingers I don’t mess this all up, and again, feedback will be much appreciated.


8 thoughts on “The re-creation of Royal Icing Diaries – an update

  1. Colleen, seguro que te sale todo perfecto y será precioso porque tienes mucho amor por lo que haces.
    Tu tienes mucha suerte… yo no se casi nada para hacer mi blog mas bonito y mas avanzado.
    Un besote desde Barcelona

    • Gracias..hay muchas cosas para aprender y algunas veces creo que es imposible, pero cada dia trabajo con el blog para hacer lo mejor. Quiero poner un boton para traducir la informacion, una pagina bonita para recetas, etc. Mucho trabajo! 🙂 Un dia……

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