How to Pack and Ship Cookies

Cookie decorating is so much fun and a lot of hard work goes into decorating a batch of cookies. If you are going to pack and ship your cookies you want to make sure they arrive safely and not broken…..use a lot of bubble wrap or other packing material…..don’t be stingy with packing material when you pack and ship….take care to pack the….just how to pack and ship cookies is actually easy as long as you…. Continue reading


Cookie Decorating Techniques: How I Do It

I’ve created a new page here on my cookie decorating diary….Royal Icing Diaries are my own personal diaries as I venture into the art of cookie decorating. This is my How I Do It page. A page linking all the posts from Royal Icing Diaries as I learn new cookie decorating techniques. Continue reading

How to assemble a pastry bag and tip

In order to decorate cookies I need to prepare the decorating bags…attach the coupler and the decorating tip….slip the base of the coupler into the decorating bag and…….screw on the coupler ring. Prepare the decorating bags I need for my…..the royal icing…this allows me to switch tips when needed each time I… Continue reading