An 18th birthday: orange and white cookies

Oh to be 18 years old again and have the world at my fingertips. My orange and white cookies mark that very special birthday for my beautiful, smart, and incredibly ambitious niece, and god-daughter, Mallory. A high school senior focusedĀ on life as a college student in the no-so-distant future. As she celebrates her 18th birthday … Continue reading

Elephant Cookies

I loved making these elephant cookies. I made some baby elephants and also some large elephants. On the larger elephants I added blankets and……just gave each elephant a bit of a different…… Continue reading

Birthday cookies for my beautiful nieces

I made some birthday cookies for my twin nieces…birthday hats and a few birthday presents. It’s hard to believe the girls are already 15 years old. For their birthday cookies I tried a different decorating technique using the 10-second rule with my royal icing. I really enjoyed working with this consistency but it definitely takes……some of the birthday cookies for…. Continue reading