It’s October and it’s pumpkin season!

Halloween is almost upon us and pumpkins are everywhere in the stores – fresh pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, pumpkin costumes and the like. I made some pumpkin cookies to mark the season. These are chocolate pumpkin cookies and are very simple to decorate. Continue reading


Almost-famous apple cake

Apple cake is simple to make and just delicious. I add flaked coconut, raisins and pecans to my apple cake but those are optional. Peeling and chopping the apples is the most difficult part of making apple cake and they make great gifts. Make apple cake in a bundt pan, a baking dish or make small apple cakes to give to friends and family. This is my almost-famous apple cake that people request constantly. Continue reading

Autumn Cookies: Leaves and Acorns

Fall leaves, in all their glorious colors, are just spectacular. I made leaves and acorn cookies to ring in the new season. Simple decorated leaf cookies and acorn cookies. Some of the leaves are flooded and then given branches and others leaves are marbled…..caps on the acorns are adorned with piped dots. Continue reading