My Favorite Recipes

There are as many cookie recipes as there are home bakers and professional bakers alike. I’ve tried dozens of recipes and below I list my favorite cookie recipes. The ones I know I can rely on to taste great each and every time.

I don’t claim to create my own recipes for the cookies I’ve been learning to decorate or for royal icing, glaze, etc.

Instead, I prefer to use a few go-to recipes that have been perfected, and stick with them.  It’s hard enough to learn to decorate  cookies much less having to create a good recipe for the cookie itself. These are recipes from some of the people I consider to be among the best of the best in the world of cookie decorating and I want to give them proper credit for these recipes.

It’s really important, absolutely essential, to have a good cookie as a base. If a cookie tastes like crap all the decorating in the world won’t help.

So these are my favorite go-to cookie and icing recipes. They are listed here in no particular order.

My Favorite Cut-Out Sugar Cookies 

Sweetopia Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sweetapolita’s Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

Bake at 350 Vanilla-Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe

i am baker Christmas Cookie Recipe

My Favorite Chocolate Cookie Recipes

Sweetapolita’s Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Lila Loa’s End-All for Chocolate Cookies Recipe

My Favorite Royal Icing Recipes

Antonia 74

Bake at 350



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