The re-creation of Royal Icing Diaries – an update

As Royal Icing Diaries undergoes its first major transition I’ve found that keeping up with the world of social media and the blogging-sphere is more than a daunting task.┬áIt’s absolutely overwhelming at times, at least for me. When I started the blog a few short months ago I was able to leisurely bake and decorate … Continue reading


Almost-famous apple cake

Apple cake is simple to make and just delicious. I add flaked coconut, raisins and pecans to my apple cake but those are optional. Peeling and chopping the apples is the most difficult part of making apple cake and they make great gifts. Make apple cake in a bundt pan, a baking dish or make small apple cakes to give to friends and family. This is my almost-famous apple cake that people request constantly. Continue reading

Flight Attendant Cookies for a Special Person

It’s always difficult to lose someone, especially when they have so much to live for. We lost a special friend this week – a beautiful flight attendant who will be forever missed by so many people. Continue reading