It’s October and it’s pumpkin season!

Halloween is almost upon us and pumpkins are everywhere in the stores – fresh pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, pumpkin costumes and the like. I made some pumpkin cookies to mark the season. These are chocolate pumpkin cookies and are very simple to decorate. Continue reading


An 18th birthday: orange and white cookies

Oh to be 18 years old again and have the world at my fingertips. My orange and white cookies mark that very special birthday for my beautiful, smart, and incredibly ambitious niece, and god-daughter, Mallory. A high school senior focusedĀ on life as a college student in the no-so-distant future. As she celebrates her 18th birthday … Continue reading

It’s Apple Picking Season!

Fall is apple picking season and I made some cute little apple picking cookies to mark the harvest. I miss the fall up north and the chance to put on a big comfy sweater and boots, hit the rural roads upstate and go out into the orchards at the U Pick ‘Em farms scattered throughout New York and New England. Apple picking is such a fun weekend activity and the payoff is in the endless list of ways you can use your ripe, crisp and deliciously sweet apples. Continue reading