The re-creation of Royal Icing Diaries – an update

As Royal Icing Diaries undergoes its first major transition I’ve found that keeping up with the world of social media and the blogging-sphere is more than a daunting task.┬áIt’s absolutely overwhelming at times, at least for me. When I started the blog a few short months ago I was able to leisurely bake and decorate … Continue reading


Autumn Cookies: Leaves and Acorns

Fall leaves, in all their glorious colors, are just spectacular. I made leaves and acorn cookies to ring in the new season. Simple decorated leaf cookies and acorn cookies. Some of the leaves are flooded and then given branches and others leaves are marbled…..caps on the acorns are adorned with piped dots. Continue reading


I love butterflies and have always wanted to make butterfly cookies. Yet, they have intimidated me to no end, for no particular reason. Butterflies just seemed very complicated: Way above my level of cookie decorating. Well I finally made butterfly cookies….the marbling technique on the wings and….the butterflies all…..flat dots and flat lines along both sides. Continue reading